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Our governing body is part of the strategic leadership of Irby Primary School and is party to the constant development of opportunities and the continuous raising of standards right across school life.  This is a key responsibility to the children in our school.

All governors are firm supporters of our school and are very proud that our children are part of such a wonderful school family. The governors are very supportive of Mrs Palmer and her team and enjoy seeing all the good things which happen on behalf of our children.

Governors' support, though, is not just about telling staff and pupils what a good job they are doing.  Support is also about challenging them to do better and the governing body strive for our school to go that bit further and governors are a critical friend in doing this.  So, while governors have a duty to challenge Mrs Palmer and her team to achieve more, they also support them as they do it.

We hope you can see throughout your child's school life that alongside their education, their safety, happiness and wellbeing is a key priority for our governing body.

If you ever feel you need to discuss any issues regarding school life or would like to feedback any positive experiences to the governing body please do not hesitate to contact a member of staff or one of our governors.  This can be done through the school office or direct with one of the parent governors.

Meet the Chair of Governors

Mr Barley - Chair

Mr Barley - Chair

Graham Barley
I became a school parent governor when my children attended Irby Primary School. My work involved looking at management and organisation arrangements in universities and colleges mainly in the north-west region. I found that my work provided experience that was beneficial in some ways in the role of a governor.

When my children had left Irby Primary, I became a community governor. It is a pleasure being in this role for such a wonderful school, working alongside other governors who all have a common goal of supporting continual improvement. We discuss a very wide range of issues to do with the school. Although we receive a great deal of advice and other support, we must still think about our school and its particular needs at all times. The range and variety of the issues and the changing needs of the school make the role interesting, stimulating and rewarding.